Goal Mapping – make your dreams come true

It's time to make dreams come true. Success and the ability to renew in the midst of change – in any aspect of life – are not caught up in chance. The keys and results of success are directly linked to beliefs and attitudes and actions based on self-motivation. The brain's natural way of working is to set goals. With the Goal Mapping method developed by Brian Mayne, you unlock the power of both an conscious and unconscious mind and create the winner's attitude to exactly what you want most in your life. The best results come from well thought out actions and you will learn to choose the goals and developments that are most important to you. So make your dreams come true and turn your goals into reality!

Brian Maynen's Goal Mapping

has evolved over 20 years and is now used by more than 3 million people in more than 30 countries around the world. While traditional techniques for setting goals focus mainly on activating the left hemisphere through words and repetitions, the Brian Mayne Goal Mapping method activates the brain as a whole: the left hemisphere through words, the right hemisphere by drawing, and the use of the power of positive thinking to strengthen the connections between brain cells. This industry's leading method is successfully used by large companies in different industries, schools, top athletes, well-being professionals and an unread group of private individuals. The Brian Mayne Goal Mapping method is therefore suitable for individuals as well as for teams and entire organizations. Once you have learned this method, you are free to choose where to use it in your life and what kind of success you are looking for.

Goalmapping1We are certified Brian Mayne Goal Mapping Practioner trainers and associate the Goal Mapping method with Albedoc's new training offering. Life and health go hand in hand and the better we know ourselves and can fulfill our deepest desires, the more positive the impact on well-being and health.

Our Goal Mapping training includes both the theory of why and how Brian Mayne's Goal Mapping works and the exercises to set their own goals. The best day to succeed is today. So let us know your willingness to participate in our Goal Mapping course by sending mail info@albedoc.com

Goal Mapping

What are your hopes for 2023?

Albedoc's new Brian Mayne Goal Mapping webinar on 28.12.2022 at 6 pm. Recognize the true desires of your heart, write, draw and manifest. You may later be surprised at how your wishes can start to come true. This two-hour course does not deal with theory, but focuses directly on the matter. Price 49€ and you can join the course by contacting info@albedoc.com

Download the Goal Mapping map template in Finnish here.