Privacy policy

Privacy policy : date 14.7.2013,
Updated 21.01.2023

1. Controller
Albedoc Ltd
Business ID: 251606-09

2. Contact person in matters concerning the register
Jani Kekäläinen
by phone O45 803 O749

3. Register
There are e-mail addresses in the mass mailing service and name and address information in the accounting firm's systems.

4. Purpose of processing personal data
The purpose of the register data is to manage the customer relationship between Albedoc Oy and the customer, to produce, manage and develop services.

5. Data content of the register, maximum this information
a. first and last name,
b. postal address,
c. telephone numbers
d. E-mail address
e. language
f. customer history

6. Regular sources of information
The data source is the registered user.

7. Regular disclosure of data
The customer's personal and contact information will not be disclosed to third parties without the customer's consent.

8. Principles of register protection
Only those persons who have the right to do so on behalf of their work duties are entitled to use personal data.

9. The data subject's right to object, inspect and rectify
The data subject may prohibit customer communications, advertising or benefit communications that are part of the content of the ordered goods or customer relationship.

The data subject has the right to inspect what information about him or her has been stored in the register and to request the erasure of data concerning him or her. The inspection request can be made with a personally signed written request to the following e-mail address: info(a)

The data subject has the right to demand the rectification of inaccurate data by contacting the controller.