META-Health Foundation Training

META-Health enables to understand health

Are you interested in your health and well-being or is there someone in your close network who has health challenges? With the help of META-Health you will get a completely new perspective on health. META-Health Foundation training provides you understanding on the two stages of health, and why getting sick or recovering on a certain moment can be explained precisely and logically. Within META-Health human beings are seen from the holistic perspective of body, mind and emotions, and in the interaction with their social environment. The META-Health Foundation training fits for everyone who is interested in health. You just need to have the open mind to learn something new!

The next training in English will take place on 2.9 - 3.9.2023. Register for the course here.

This year's last training in English will take place from 2.12 - 3.12.2023. Register for the course here.

The next training in Finnish will take place 30.9 - 1.10.2023. Register for the course here.

The courses are held as webinars and the course price is 399€.

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Meta-Health Foundation (Level 1) Training includes:

First day:
1. Introductions – Background to META-Health
2. Health beliefs
3. Body-mind-social connection
4. What causes diseases?
5. Stress - Regeneration process

Second day:
6. Summary of the first day
7. Deeper view in the symptoms
8. Strategies to leverage META-Health knowledge
9. How to proceed in health

What is META-Health? Read here.

META-Health Foundation Training