Joy of life - focus on good energy

The sun is warming us up and we can still enjoy the summer days. Soon, everyday life will be back in full swing and we will be faced with a personal choice: whether to keep the relaxed mood we acquired on holiday or jump back into a sense of urgency. Often the hustle and bustle of the outside world, the fuss and the negative news, break the peace of our own inner world. You may wonder if it is at all possible to maintain the wonderful state - of relaxation, of serenity, of being - that you hopefully achieved during your holiday. In many ways, we are living in times of great change and it is more important than ever to take care of your own energy and separate it clearly from the pressure, stress and negativity coming from outside.

It is you who consciously decides what energy you want to take for yourself. Positive and good energy has a mood-lifting effect, making the body vibrate at higher frequencies. Negative energy, on the other hand, lowers the vibration of both mind and body to lower frequencies. The vibration of each of us changes according to the situation and we notice through our own feelings that the vibration frequency is changing or has changed when a good mood changes to a bad one.

Emotions are the best source of information about yourself and your energy level. Emotions allow us to become aware of exactly what is causing stress in our lives and why stress is triggered. No external stimulus triggers stress in us unless we react to it ourselves. Take negative news, for example (and it seems to be everywhere). Watch your energy before and after reading the news. Do you notice a change? Do you feel better or worse after reading the news? If you notice a change in your energy after reading the news, your mind and body have reacted to the energy of the news. If you feel good, keep it - you've got good energy. If your mind is irritated, depressed, etc. after the news - clear the bad energy out of yourself immediately. If you find that something specific in the news is stressing you out and the bad energy doesn't seem to be going away, it's time to dig deeper and find out the real root cause of the stress.

The 3T model works for dealing with stress:
- Know that you are stressed about something
- Identify the feeling or feelings associated with that stress
- Take action - break down the stress into smaller pieces and release the energy tied up in the emotions

Once the energy of stress-related emotions has been balanced, for example through EFT, the stress-related stimuli no longer cause feelings of stress. The same applies to any issue, e.g. work-related stress. Read more about stress relief.

Sometimes stress can be very unconscious and feel so collective that it takes time to get to its roots. Even unconscious stress has a significant impact on the body and mind. What can you do about your own stress? Should you try to deal with the causes or the symptoms? Both are better. Various stress-relieving exercises (mindfulness, yoga, walking in the woods, gardening, etc.) help to reduce stress levels and thus have a positive effect. High quality essential oils from doTERRA are also a quick way to reduce stress in everyday life, and we will be sharing more basic information about these oils in our next webinar on Sun 9 August at 14.00. Once stress levels have dropped a little, it is easier to listen to yourself and to trace the root causes of stress (feelings, thoughts and beliefs).

It is also important to remember that you set the boundaries between your own energy and the energy coming from outside. Whether it's a grumpy spouse or boss or negative tabloid news, you ultimately decide whether or not to take in the negative energy. Other people's energy is their energy, your energy is your energy. Similarly, you also decide what energy you pass on from yourself to others. Releasing the negative energy of your emotions and protecting yourself from new negative energy (e.g. news), gives direct space to positive energies. Focus on the good energy and you will find that the joy of life will flow in abundance.

Best regards
Sari and Jani, Albedoc