What is META-Health

albedoc_miksi_minä_miksi_nytMETA-Health is a holistic approach to health. META-Health divides health into two stages: the stress phase and the regeration phase, and these phases alternate. There may be symptoms in the body in both stages. In addition, each organ is linked with a specific area of the brain and a specific emotional conflict theme – this information can be used to trace the causal link between the underlying emotion and the symptom. META-Health makes it possible to understand why a certain illness occurs at a particular moment. Every person is an individual and emotional aspects, experiences, thoughts, beliefs, etc. are personal and therefore also the solutions needed for regeration (healing) are individual.

META-Health background

META-Health combines Western medicine, the latest knowledge of brain and cell research, Chinese medicine and energy medicine. As the name refers, "meta" means information about information, i.e. META-Health is information about health and health information. META-Health is based on patient cases that have been studied and analyzed since the 1980s. In these studies the interpretation of patient interviews and computed tomography of brains have been used to find logical cause-and-effect connections between body symptoms, brain areas and different emotions. This cause-and-effect information is utilized when working with META-Health, and thus the actual causes behind the disease or symptoms can be identified and worked on.

Two-stages of health

Health can be seen in two phases: stress and regeration. The stress phase of the body is regulated, among other things, by the sympathetic nervous system, followed by the regeration phase controlled by the parasympathetic nervous system. Similar duality (stress/regeneration) is also evident at the levels of the human mind, emotions and spirituality. Therefore a human being is viewed in META-Health as a whole, also taking into account changes in the person's social environment. The human body is intelligent and strives to do what is best for each of us, and to find the right balance according to our own current life situation. We can trust on our own body and learn to understand the messages of the body and how those messages relate to our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. In this way, each of us has the opportunity to nurture our health and well-being in a completely new way.

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META-Health Coaching is neither treatment nor making diagnosis, the customer is a key position in taking responsibility for his or her own health. META-Health Coaching is not a substitute for medical or other professional treatment that you have been prescribed or recommended. META-Health complements the understanding of human health and holistic healing.

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